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125 Johnston street Collingwood 3066, Vic, Australia.

PH: (03) 9417 3415

Publican: Email:

Music Co-ordinator / Band Booker, Dave Collins:

Website Developer: Tiffany

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Please note: due to COVID19 we are unable to hold events until it is deemed safe for our Staff, Musos and Punters

Stay tuned via our website and our Facebook Like Page as to when social distancing has been lifted

We look forward to seeing you all in the not to distant future


  • Once trading is allowed we ask that you email us with the following details:
  • Your Line-up proposal;
  • The Facebook like pages of all the bands on the line up;
  • The Facebook event page;
  • Your promotional plan - details of how you will promote your event and how you would like us to promote your event;
  • Your press-release;
  • YouTube: The problem with sharing your YouTube video to Facebook is that Facebook doesn't play nice with YouTube;
  • Your triple J Unearthed links (if available);
  • Your Soundcloud links (if available);
  • Your official gig Poster. Preferably 4 or more;
  • The type of event i.e. album launch;
  • Your Preferred dates - please provide a few alternatives so we can meet your expectations.

  • Please email Dave Collins via our central bookings email