tuesday, may 3 at 4 PM, 18+

tight ass tuesdays

W/$4 Tecate, $6.50 pints, $6.50 basics, $6.50 stubbies, free pool, djs, $15 pint & burger

punk, indie, rock, metal, pop, glam, goth

The Bendigo & Tight Ass Tuesdays, presents: $4 Tecate, $6.50 pints of Skull, $6.50 basics, $6.50 stubbies, free pool, djs and $15 burger and pint - your choice of chicken veggie or beef.


wednesday, may 4 at 8 PM, 18+


W/TFC, Dead Vandals, copywrite.int

electronic rock / hip hop / experimental

TUX back with a new bassist for their first show of the year TFC fresh out of the beatcage with Substance Abuse just hitting the internetz DeadVandals In Utero between new official and unoffficial music vids, and that bangin track Crash whenever they decide to drop it and copywrite.int (Fireworks everywhere)

- - -

thursday, may 5 at 8 PM, 18+

Starting Fires

W/For What It's Worth, PLEAD4MERCY

Metal / HC

Join Starting Fires, For What Its Worth and PLEAD4MERCY at the Bendigo Hotel Thursday 5th of May to showcase some new talent hitting the Melbourne metal/hardcore scene.

- -

friday, may 6 at 8 PM, 18+

Wolf and Willow

W/Mountfield Plains, Didirri, Waking Eden, Ghost Cub


Gunn Music Presents... Folk-Alternative act Wolf and Willow will be bringing their impressive live show to the Bendigo Hotel on Friday May 6th. With strong supports: Mountfield Plains, Didirri, Waking Eden, Ghost Cub

- - -

saturday, may 7 at 8 PM, 18+


W/Traumaboys, Rogues, Wild Spears, Motovilikha

punk rock

Come join Razorcut as they rip up the Bendigo Hotel with good mates: Traumaboys, Rogues, Wild Spears, Motovilikha. Kicks off 8pm for only $10! Also this will be Jig's last gig with Razorcut before he leaves to start the Viking life in Sweden so come down and throw shit at him!

- -

friday, may 13 at 8 PM, 18+

Cosmic Kahuna, Wasteoid EP Launch

W/Pagan, Sweet Gold & Keggin

punk / rock

Cosmic Kahuna are releasing their 5 song EP 'Wasteoid' Friday May 13 at the glorious Bendigo Hotel with the help of some beautiful gnarly party bands that rule and will make you wanna dance, neck pints and swing from that pole at the top of the stage, but not too hard cos it nearly broke once.

- -

saturday, May 14 at 8 PM, 18+



black metal

INSURRECTION OF DARKNESS II After 2 years since Melbournes most menacing metalfest 'WHEN TERROR UNITES' reared it's ugly head it has returned with a new name INSURRECTION OF DARKNESS for another 2 nights of total carnage. Headlining the fest are legendary purveyors of macrocosmic doom MOURNFUL CONGREGATION their first time in melbourne for 7 years. This cult band is not expected to return again so soon. ABOMINATOR, LACERATION MANTRA (QLD), DESTRUKTOR, DECREPIT SOUL

- -

friday, may 27 at 8PM, 18+

Distorted Truth - first Australian show for eight years

W/Bastard Squad, Debacle, Substance abuse


Distorted Truth - Australia first show for eight years after an anarchistic drunken binge, Bastard Squad first show in vic for 2016. also playing, Debacle, Substance abuse

- -

saturday, may 28 at 8:00PM, 18+

ANGELUS APATRIDA - Pacific Assault / Australian Tour 2016

W/In Malice's Wake, Harlott & Mason

thrash metal

Spanish thrash metal powerhouse Angelus Apatrida have announced three Australian shows as part of their Pacific Assault Tour which will also include dates in China, Japan and Taiwan. The four-piece was formed in the year 2000 in Albacete, an isolated small Spanish town in the middle of nowhere. “Albacete has no musical infrastructures at all, so we had to fight really hard and do everything by ourselves” states guitarist, singer and mastermind Guillermo Izquierdo.

- - -

sunday, may 29 at 10AM - 11PM, 18+, Free entry

Free Tacos - The last taco day ever!!!

W/bands TBA

free tacos

We don't get much sleep with these things, and we party way too hard - but we wanted to do one more. The final free taco day at The Bendi. Due to popular (gringo) demand we've added in hard shell tacos as an option too. We'll be getting the line up of bands sorted out soon! Free Tacos (vege, vegan and meat) - from 1pm, $4 tecates from 10am, $6 shots of tequila from 10am, $6 Bloody Mary's from 10am. FREE ENTRY / DOORS 10am.

- -

saturday, June 4 at 8PM, 18+

REVULSED Infernal Atrocity Launch Show

W/Iconic Vivisect, Seminal Enbalmment & Brutonomy


REVULSED Infernal Atrocity Launch Show and Upcoming Live EP Recording, with special guests - Iconic Vivisect, Seminal Enbalmment and Brutonomy.

- -

Thursday, June 16 at 8PM, 18+

Drain Life Australian Tour


metal rock

As part of a tour that melbourne deathgrinders DRAINLIFE are doing in May/June/July. They will be playing at The Bendigo Hotel on Thursday the 16th of June. Killer support from SICK MACHINE, DEBACLE, DEAD ROOT and GRUDGE! Makes for one hell of an evening of super charged loud music. Merch will be available for purchase on the night.

- -

Saturday, July 23 at 7 PM, 18+




Terror squad - Japan Tokyo metal anarchy since 1992 underground. From the bashing splits with sabbat, headbangers against disco, the wild streams of inferno. You know what onslaught the japanese are going to throw at australian audiences, total fucking thrash, hard as fuck and in the face. No posers will stand

- - -

saturday, August 13 at 8 PM, 18+


W/Supports TBA

black metal

FINALLY!, after being a band for nearly 2 decades and producing some of the best hardcore-punk influenced grindcore you're likely to ever hear, MAGRUDERGRIND are making their way to the land down under for a 9 show attack on the east coast of Australia. Joining them will be the north coast's SHACKLΣS freshly home from touring Europe with a new record on the way.

- - -