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Dream on Dreamer

W/supports yet tba
Heavy Metal / Hardcore / Rock

Formed in 2009, ARIA award-nominated act Dream on Dreamer have had a successful, yet also trying career - from line-up changes, shifts in industry collaborations, health scares, to even facing legal issues to keep the band actively touring in Australia. However, through this arduous journey, the band has well and truly re-found its footing and is ready to conquer the heavy music scene.

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W/Witchskull, Witch Fight, Smoke Witch, Kitchen Witch, WitchCliff
Doom rock / punk / stoner fuzz

Desert Highways presents WITCH FEST! Celebrating the dark magic of the riff! Five bands, from five states, all coming together for a massive night! Witchskull (ACT), Witch Fight (NSW), Smoke Witch (VIC), Kitchen Witch (SA), WitchCliff (WA) Doors 7:30pm. Tickets $20. Available now through Proudly supported by Young Henrys

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Capital Enemy

W/The Nuremberg Code, Driven To The Verge, Evolution Of Self, Commonlands
heavy metal / metal / Rock

CAPITAL ENEMY, The Nuremberg Code, Driven To The Verge, Evolution Of Self, Commonlands. 5 killer Melbourne bands hit up The Bendigo Hotel for a night of unique heavy music. Its only $15 at the door - talk about value. Don't be a silly sally and miss this awesome line up! SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC

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I Have A Goat

W/Dream In Colour Kidz, Savi Bomb, Hand Of Fear
punk / punk rock

We are sooo excited for our good friends in IHAG to be heading off on their tour of the Philippines where they will show no mercy! To send them off in fine form and with the support of 2 of the best bands getting around, Savi Bomb are ready to leave it all on the stage for this farewell show that will be fast and furious in every way, shape and form! Band times: Dream In Colour Kidz 7.15-7.45, Savi Bomb 8-8.30, Hand Of Fear 8.45-9.15, I Have A Goat 9.30-10.15

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W/Stoned To Death, Undamaged, Garlic Nun

Oh no they are back! There might be a couple of tickets left mates, we dunno... 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, SLAM. 8:00-8:25 Stoned To Death, 8:40-9:05 Undamaged, 9:20-9:45 Garlic Nun, 10:15- Guttermouth, Tickets on sale from trybooking. Punk isn't dead it's stuck in a airport.

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W/Ashbel, Uboa, The World at a Glance, Stoned to Death
post-punk / doom metal / post-hardcore

A night of heavy at the Bendi. Plovers are a unique sound best described via infusing angular guitar into a chaotic blend of post-punk fury and unexpected harmony. it's a solid, distorted assault that not only leaves little in its path, but also leaves everyone wanting more. Ashbel are a trio channeling their fusion of shoegaze, doom metal, post-hardcore and noise into a volatile soundscape, emulating the cycle of nature and decay; in the flesh they bring a punishing primal energy to the stage in their performances.

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Zebrahead USA + Death By Stereo USA

W/supports tba
Punk / Thrash / HC

Arrest Records Australia, Finley Drumsticks and Stand Your Grounds presents a double header with Zebrahead and Death By Stereo returning to Australia together. Both bands will be performing new material with each band playing an hour long set.

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Filthfest (Melb) 2019

W/Religious Observance, Cordell, KLONNS (JPN), DEAD, BODIES, World Sick, Umbilical Tentacle, Somatized, Rare Olives, Munt666, Dead Root, Intrinsic Light, Stardrifter (SA)
metal / heavy metal

FILTHFEST returns, blundering its way into 2019 with an epic lineup of the best in sonic dark arts on Saturday, 4 MAY, 2019. including Religious Observance, Cordell, KLONNS (JPN), DEAD, BODIES, World Sick, Umbilical Tentacle, Somatized, Rare Olives, Munt666, Dead Root, Intrinsic Light, Stardrifter (SA) at the epic Bendi. tix $25 - pre-sales $19 +bf

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Mistress Of Misery - EP launch

W/Chud, Algaroth, Mammon's Throne, The Creptter Children,
Metal / doom metal

The Creptter Children bring to you everything dark and delicious in one! Mammon's Throne - Mammon's Throne play crushing melodic Doom Metal. Algaroth - Seething hate, disguised as love. Since 2017. Mistress Of Misery - Melbourne based metal band. Influenced by Thy Art is Murder, Architects, Meshuggah and more.

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ANATOMY - WHERE Angels DIE, Album launch

Death Metal

Melbourne Australia 1994. ANATOMY began to write new Material for an Album. Entering Plant Room Studio to record a Promo Under the Wings and then in July 1995 the Full Length Entitled Where Angels Die. The Album was Finally Released by Modern Invasion Music in 1997. This One Off Show is a Start to Finish of the Lp which we have Never have played in Total. W/Temple Nightside (NZ/AU), Christ Dismembered (Adelaide), Scars of Sodom, Obsidian Monolith

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Full Stop Fest

W/Scaphis, Crystal Ignite, Trigger, Flynn Effect, Atomic Death Squad, Demonhead, Suldusk, Horizon's Edge, Interitum (TAS), Filth Dimension, Paper Souls (TAS), Monarchus, The Menage, Valkyrie Odin
Charity Music Festival, against sexual assault and domestic violence

Charity Music Festival, against sexual assault and domestic violence. Full lineup coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled. SAVE THE DATE -- 11 MAY 2019 @ The Bendigo Hotel

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The Royal Artillery (QLD), Witch Fight (NSW)

W/Smoke Witch, Long Holiday, Marville (QLD), Dear Thieves, All Of The Dirt All At Once, Rathead, Scab Baby (NSW), Astrodeath (NSW), The High Drifters, Monsters Of The Dirty South
rock / 90's riff rock

Twin-Cylinder Attack! This two-stage two-piece band showcase features a massive lineup with local and interstate bands all coming together to blow the roof off The Bendigo Hotel! Doors: 1:30pm. Cost: $20, + FREE BBQ. Tickets available now through. Eventbrite . Proudly supported by Young Henrys.

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El Colosso

W/Peeling Sun, Smoke Witch, Monarchus
heavy rock / 70's 80's roots

Massive night of riffs at The Bendigo Hotel featuring: El Colosso Peeling Sun Smoke Witch (Launch) MONARCHUS Doors 8pm. $10 Entry. El Colosso: The band has built a formidable reputation as one of the country's best live bands - blending huge riffs with infectious hooks to produce a massive sound that honours it's 70's & 90's roots, just as it creates a modern heavy rock vibe


Hairspray & Hellfire Festival

W/Dangerous Curves, Snake Bite Whiskey, Crosson, Morth, Diamond Foxx, Black Whiskey, Black Alpine
Hairmetal / Classic Rock / Glam / Sleaze

A new Australian music festival dedicated to the new breed of heavy rock bands influenced by glam, sleaze and hair metal. Hairmetal/Classic Rock/Glam/Sleaze are enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity internationally and Australia hasn't been left out. The last few years has seen a surge in bands influenced by the heavy rock scene of the seventies and eighties but with their own unique modern slants.

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Atticus Chimps Tour

W/Funk Dancing for Self Defence, JUNK

The re-invented 2 piece rock outfit is hitting the road and promoting their latest single 'Your Direction'. With their hard-hitting riffs and raspy vocals, they'll be turning it up with fellow up and coming bands along the east coast.

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W/Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows, DROID
Stoner Metal Madness / Doom

Stoner Metal Pioneers BONGZILLA are finally smokin and flyin their magic carpet down under, May 2019. Bongzilla have produced over the last 25 years of smoking riffs and hooks, 4 Records, and a slather of Ep's to entic the Weed Worship Culture of Heavy Rock. The Doom - Laden Sludge Rock Lords, Maiden tour is set for May 2019. Australia and New Zealand, get ready to have the Monolithic sounds melting your faces. Supports are Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows, DROID. BONGZILLA are Stoned and ready to give you one of the loudest and haziest spectacles that the lands DOWN UNDER have been waiting for! Presented By: YOUR MATE BOOKINGS, GET ON THE STAGE, AND YOUNG HENRYS. (ROCKNROLLBRAT, VALHALLA (NZ), THIRD EYE MUSIC (NZ))

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The Vendettas - Single Launch


The Vendettas - Single Launch (Mini Festival) with Black Aces, The DieCasts, Temple in the Sky and SILTMAN. 5 of Melbourne's premier rock acts converge on the Bendigo Hotel to celebrate THE VENDETTAS long awaited Single release from their 3rd Studio album to be launched later this year. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then drinking beers at a mini festival featuring: With their signature tones and influences from the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, The Black Crowes, and subtle hints at times of The Rolling Stones (Exile On Main St) their live shows deliver a brazen spectacle, that will leave your ears pulsating and wanting for more!

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W/supports tba
Stoner Metal Madness

Stoner Metal Pioneers BONGZILLA are finally smokin' and flyin' their magic carpet down under, May 2019. Bongzilla have produced over the last 25 years of smoking riffs and hooks, 4 Records, and a slather of Ep's to entic the Weed Worship Culture of Heavy Rock. The Doom - Laden Sludge Rock Lords, Maiden tour is set for May 2019. Australia and New Zealand, get ready to have the Monolithic sounds melting your faces. Presented By: YOUR MATE BOOKINGS, GET ON THE STAGE, AND YOUNG HENRYS, (ROCKNROLLBRAT, VALHALLA (NZ), THIRD EYE MUSIC (NZ))

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W/Supports tba
Blues / Stoner / Psychedelic / Progressive / Sludge & Doom

WO FAT, became a global phenomenon with the self release of "The Gathering Dark" in 2006. That addictive bass heavy and fuzz loving groove inspired by Junior Kimborough, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath soon saw the greater Stoner/Psychedelic community around the world; landing them slots on Hellfest, Roadburn, Freak Valley, Psycho California, Desertfest Berlin/London and a plethora of other festivals.

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W/featuring Melbournes greatest Tattooists, DJs & Artists
Blues / Stoner / Psychedelic / Progressive / Sludge & Doom

Melbournes Premium ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT Music, Art and Tattoo Festival. WO FEST will feature some of Australia & New Zealands greatest bands and solo artists in the Blues, Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Sludge and Doom genres. Headlined by the one and only Texan Swampadelic Wizards Wo Fat & supported by NZs Pieces Of Molly along with local and interstate talent Burden Man Subterranean Disposition Turtle Skull Motherslug Honeybone Pseudo Mind Hive Full Tone Generator Thaw. Wo Fest will also feature Melbournes Jake Fraser Tattoo, a light show from Electric Light Brigade resident DJs and Artists. This show will really go down as one to remember keeping Melbourne city at the forefront as one of the greatest musical cities in the world.

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Close Encounters 2019 - SHATTER BRAIN!

Thrash Metal / Metal

Close Encounters is returning to The Bendigo Hotel this year! June 14th 2019 marks the return of Atomic Death Squads yearly event. Close Encounters! smashing through The Bendigo Hotel this year will be a another killer lineup of gnarly local bands that will be carrying the CE banner! Headlining this year will be SHATTER BRAIN!


Metal United World Wide

W/Obsidian Monolith, DREADNAUGHT, Envenomed, Fall and Resist, The Ascended, Lethal Vendetta, incrypt, A Gentlemen's Agreement
Heavy Metal / metal / hard Rock

Metal United World Wide is a project which brings together metal bands, fans, show organisers, media and other supporters for one big event. The idea is to have metal shows all over the world on the same date identified by the same banner. Everybody can be part and shows are individually organised. The aim is to create a world wide feeling of community as well as attract attention to the performing bands, predominantly from the underground. The idea is based on the Australian project Metal United Down Under (MUDU) which has been running since 2014.

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Incantation (usa) - Nervo Chaos

death metal / metal

RELAPSE ARTIST AND NEW JERSEY DEATH METAL PIONEERS FINALLY MAKE THEIR WAY BACK TO AUSTRALIA IN JUNE 2019! With guests death metal nihilists - Nervo Chaos who hail from Sao Paulo Brazil (cogumelo - tumba rec). Supports: Inverloch - Contaminated & Ignivomous. Doors 8pm 18+ entry. On check out of purchase you will recieve a big cartel code via email. Please present code and photo id for entry. No hard ticket is mailed out. Name changes are permitted

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Heavy AF 2019 - Earth Caller

W/In Deception (EP launch), Annihilist, Earthbound, Nothingmetalmelb, Notice of Eviction, Vatic, Hedron and Jupiter The Giant
metal / hardcore / metalcore / progressive rock

HEAVY AF 2019 - Heavy Music Festival brings together some of the heavy-hitters in metal, hardcore/metalcore and progressive rock. Leading the charge is festival headliner, Earth Caller, who have earned themselves a reputation for being one of the most energising live acts in the country. Having toured extensively, Earth Caller enjoy an international following and reputation. Signed to Eclipse Records, the highly successful Naberus, who are heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal, are the main support at Heavy AF 2019. Other brutal doses of metal, hardcore/metalcore and prog will come courtesy of In Deception (EP launch), Annihilist, Earthbound, Nothingmetalmelb, Notice of Eviction, Vatic, Hedron and Jupiter The Giant. 9 hours of heavy music and ten bands for $10! (pre-sales and physical tickets purchased directly from the bands are only $8 online pre-sales incur a booking fee) Free pizza 4pm-6pm.

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Strike Anywhere - Aus tour 2019

W/supports tba
punk / melodic-hardcore

Presented by Arrest Records, this 2019 tour will see Strike Anywhere celebrating 20 years of melodic-hardcore breakdowns and hand-on-your-heart scream-alongs. Joining them from Newcastle and on will be Adelaide's Paper Arms, playing their first shows since they announced their final one back in 2016. Paper Arms and Strike Anywhere will be reunited after previously touring Australia together in 2010 and then Europe a few years later. Don't miss out!

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Chasing Lana - The Fight Australian Tour

W/Special guests TBA
hard rock / rock

Chasing Lana's new debut album The Fight. OUT MAY 10th. Pre-order Album now. On tour this June / July. Chasing Lana, a four piece hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Formed by singer, guitarist Dave Cutting, with Robbie Cutting on Lead Guitar, Chris Coote on Drums and Keith Harland on Bass. Their 2016 E.P titled "Suffocate / Medicate" is available in all JB Hi-Fi stores Australia wide, and on all online platforms

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Naxatras (Greece)

W/Comacozer more tba
Psychedelic Space Rock

Psychedelic Space Rock Revolutionaries Naxatras from Greece will make their debut in Australia; September 2019. Since 2012, this raw blend of spiritual incarnation, soulful Greek jams and hypnotic sound scapes NAXATRAS; have released 3 full length studio albums with highly critical acclaim to many reviewers around the globe and an achievement so grand of their first album being uploaded to YouTube boasting above 4.4 Million views to date. Their extended rhythms pay homage to countless sub-genres including Acid-Folk and 70s Psychedelic/Space Rock allowing such a welcoming accessibility to the sound that can only be described as NAXATRAS. Tagging along for the journey unto this new found consciousness is Sydney based Space Rock quartet Comacozer who have their own story to tell with multiple LPs releases via Headspin Records. COMACOZER perform entrancing live shows with much fulfilment to the pineal gland opening and Australian crowds have been lucky enough to attend the bands mind blowing gigs since 2014. This tour is presented by YOUR MATE Bookings & Con Kalamaras.

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Amped Festival 3

W/In:Extremis, ABREACT, Lillye, Chasing Lana, Shadowqueen, Lethal Vendetta, LUNG, Devonera, Fall and Resist, Cicadastone, CARBON BLACK
Alternative rock / Heavy metal music / Death metal

For the third incarnation of Amped Festival, we move to The Bendigo Hotel and run over 2 stages! A massive day of heavy music from right around Australia. The line up so far In:Extremis, ABREACT, Lillye, Chasing Lana, Shadowqueen, Lethal Vendetta, LUNG, Devonera, Fall and Resist, Cicadastone, CARBON BLACK. MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED.

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