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White Devil Detroit presents: Chaos Musick

W/Kvlts Of Vice (SYD), Vicious Addiction, The Chevaliers
Musicalchemical / Visualchemical - Renaissance Rock N' Roll

The more Chaotic I am, the more complete I am - Austin Osman Spare. White Devil Detroit are bringing their Musicalchemical/Visualchemical, Renaissance Rock N' Roll back to The Bendigo Hotel February 23rd with super dooper special guests Kvlts Of Vice from Sydney and local Melbourne home dawgz Vicious Addiction and The Chevaliers. Expect the unexpected and get a ready for a debaucherous, jolly & chaotic evening. This is Chaos Musick baby!

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Storytellers - 3

W/When Hawk Met Sparrow, Rose Zita Falko, Mitch power
country / Aussie alt country

Storytellers has been the home of Australian songwriting at Tamworth Country Music Festival since 2013 - now we have a new base in Melbourne! For session 3: Three fabulous songwriting duos From NSW, When Hawk Met Sparrow, together with our very own Rose Zita Falko and Mitch power - this will be afternoon not to be missed. Storytellers - where its all about the song

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rock / alternative metal

180 Proof are a 3-piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Combining the best of blues-based hard rock, classic metal, and old school punk attitude, 180 Proof are making a mark playing lean, mean, rude, crude, sleazy, nasty rock and roll with catchy, filthy choruses and massive riffs. ANKL is a 4-piece alternative metal band from Ballarat, Victoria, making quite an impact around Victoria right now having recently played Blaze Festival in Ballarat, as well as Blister at the Tote and coming up; Beyond Black 2019, a charity event for Beyond Blue. These guys are going places. Come check 'em out.



W/Dark Daze, Bong Piss
stoner rock / rock

A fun thursday night of a different variation of tunes from 3 unique sounding bands Bong Piss: are a newly formed garage stoner rock band with slow, crawling riffs and a grotesque sense of humour. Dark Daze rock band with psychedelic sensibilities. JUNK are an alternative emo(ish) rock band formed in 2018 and based in the north suburbs of Melbourne, the band met at Collarts and not long after began writing music together, their sound has been described as unique and nostalgic, although new the band hope to break into the Melbourne music scene and continue to find their voice.



W/Jack Harlon, The Dead Crows, Pseudo Mind Hive, Dark Temple Way
doomy psych jams

COMACOZER are coming down to the Bendigo Hotel for some doomy psych jams with Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows Pseudo Mind Hive and Dark Temple Way to start the weekend with psych jams and beers. See you there.

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Obsidian Monolith Manifest

W/Rituals, As Flesh Decays + guests
Death / Post Rock / Blackened Neofolk

Melbourne melodic death metal band, Obsidian Monolith will be performing their entire debut album, Manifest, the sounds of which are atmospheric with tones of nihilism and a strong sense of the descent of mankind into chaos. Obsidian Monolith are sharing the stage with Rituals, As Flesh Decays, Myriad Drone and Suldusk. The line up consists of Melodic Death, Death, Post Rock and Blackened Neofolk, prepare yourself for a night of soul crushing music.

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Riley Catherall

W/Ernest Aines, Eliza Joan, Katie Prentice
Americana / 70's Folk and Country music.

Treat yourself this Sunday afternoon to the sounds of some of Melbourne's best musicians. Riley Catherall W/Ernest Aines, Eliza Joan, Katie Prentice. $10 on the door.


The Love Fish

W/TDM, Loose Moose
punk / punk rock

We are back babayaybay. With our also recently reborn friends T/rampoline D/eath MAchine. And the national geographic endagered species' Loose Moose!! The Love Fish Trampoline Death Machine Loose Moose For free. EXTRA SPECIAL MONDAY NIGHT STUDENT NIGHT EDITION. $11 jugs. $7 wines/basics. $6 pints. Just incase you couldn't possibly save any more money. SET TIMES TBA. WE ARE BACK BABY



W/supports tba
Industrial / Electronic

During the past three years Kollaps have risen from humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia to having now firmly cemented themselves worldwide as a respected name within industrial music. Releasing their first offering Heartworm in 2015, followed up by their now sold-out Sibling Lovers LP in 2017, an exceptionally successful DIY tour of Europe spanning 30 shows and supporting bands such as OPERANT, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW & TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, an Australian tour in April 2018 with Los Angeles' own YOUTH CODE as well as having 2 tracks from Sibling Lovers included in the soundtrack to Leigh Whannell's (Saw) latest movie UPGRADE

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Saturday Sixpack 2019

W/Mushroom Giant, Borrachero, Laedj, The Valley Ends, Copse

Back for the first time in three years, the Sixpack turns 21 - the first one dating back to 2001, with the showcase rock festival having been hosted at venues such as the Corner Hotel, The Tote and The Arthouse. This year's Sixpack heads to Collingwood's Bendigo Hotel, on SATURDAY MARCH 9. Doors open at 7pm, first band soon after that. $15 at the door

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The Royal Artillery

W/The Gurdies, Cult Of The Psychic Sunflower, Black Snake Whip, Jurassic
Blues / Psych Rock / Garage-Punk

Collingwood's finest live music establishment The Bendigo Hotel presents a big-arse night of Heavy Blues, Psych Rock and Garage-Punk, featuring a stacked bill of fresh locals in The Gurdies, Cult Of The Psychic Sunflower, Black Snake Whip, Jurassic & The Royal Artillery down from Brisbane supporting their new release 'Mothers Day'.

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Nocturnal Graves

W/Convent Guilt, Road Warrior, Butterfly
hard rock / heavy metal

Nocturnal Graves (Official) Death Metal Titans return Convent Guilt (aus) (NSW) 'Diamond Cut Diamond' ALBUM LAUNCH Road Warrior (SA) 'Power' ALBUM LAUNCH. First gig in Melbourne. Butterfly 70's - 80's hard rock / heavy metal attack BENDIGO HOTEL, SATURDAY 16 MARCH, DOORS 8PM

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Moon Units

W/Skink Hill Gang, Gardenia and Dave Pote
sludgy stoner rock / rock n roll

Moon Units, 4 piece durgy sludgy stoner rock led by the colossal Matthew Crennan. Barnes, J.P and Stu lay down the groove. Rock and or roll of all types are pumped to play the Bendigo Hotel. With Awesome supports for the night are Skink Hill Gang, Gardenia and Dave Pote.


The Brave - Technicolor Tour

W/Windwaker, BLKLST, To Octavia
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Brisbane's The Brave are back with their second album 'Aura', out April 5 via UNFD. The epic new single 'Technicolor' is the next taste of what's to come from the Brisbane band after the release of last year's single 'Ethereal', which was named Best Heavy Song at last year's Queensland Music Awards. The Brave have also announced their 'Technicolor' single tour, with headline dates in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to celebrate the arrival of the band's new album. They will also be special guests on In Hearts Wake's upcoming Queensland tour.

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Beyond Black Heavy Metal Festival 3

W/HEADLINER: DREADNAUGHT, Blunt Shovel, The Eternal, I am Duckeye, Envenomed, Demonhead, Fall and Resist, Voros, Nemesium, Rituals, Upon World's End, Distorta, Skull Fork
metal / heavy metal

Beyond Black is the premium Victorian Heavy Metal charity festival that raises funds for beyondblue and awareness of mental health across the heavy metal community. Raising over $5000 over the past two years, the event will showcase the talents of 15 bands over two night and two venues. Night 2: Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne, March 23rd.

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PALM (Osaka, Japan)

W/POTION (Sydney), Pissbolt, Diploid, Spew Balloon
Raw D-Beat punk / death metal

PALM (Osaka, Japan) - Raw D-Beat punk mixed with metallic hardcore with some thrash riffs thrown in. POTION Psychedelic heavy metal from Sydney, Pissbolt - Bolts of thrash pissing down on the dregs of society, Diploid - Grinding / Hardcore doom from melbourne. Spew Balloon - Inflated grindcore spew rock. $20 on the door - 8:00pm doors.


Sasquatch- Melbourne (VIC)


SASQUATCH SIGHTINGS ARE HAPPENING ON AUSTRALIA SOIL MARCH 2019 SoCal's Sasquatch are debuting their fuzzrock upon the East Coast of Australia in March 2019. After releasing 5 albums since 2004, touring extensively in the USA Stoned and Dusted, Psycho Las Vegas and SXSW, also touring around Europe including premium Rock Music festivals; Desertfest and Stoned From The Underground, Sasquatch are finally writng an Australian chapter to their Rock n Roll adventure.

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W/Cirrus Crown, Flynn Effect, Little Rituals
alternative/progressive rock / prog / hard rock

The Bendigo Hotel will play host to an epic night of prog and hard rock with local heavyweights Lung, Cirrus Crown, Flynn Effect and Red Lotus. Tix from Oztix or at the door. LUNG. Since coming together in mid 2012 LUNG have graced some of Melbourne's finest venues and stages, alongside some very talented, up and coming acts. Melbourne-based Cirrus Crown is an alternative/progressive rock band that started in 2016 as a home-studio project by Pete Borzeta (Acolyte, Fading Hour). He first set out to write an album and then find members to transform the bedroom project into fully-fledged recording, performing and touring band.

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Dirty Elvis

W/Wishful Creatures, The Diecasts

After a painfully long hiatus (for you!), Dirty Elvis return with a live show at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood. So Step in Line Kid, coz you're gonna get some Cuntry Lovin' on a sunday arvo with our good friends Wishful Creatures and The Diecasts. Entry $8. 3pm-6pm. Ssssssssnake

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Cold Ground

W/The Patient, Awake Now, Angry Seas, Minetta
hardcore / punk

"I have been following this band since their first EP dropped. Formed after the end of vocalist Evan McLellan's former band At War With Gods the band have been going from strength to strength. With a new line up and with producer Kyle Black on board (Comeback Kid, Strung Out) the boys went into Holes and Corners to record their debut. This album packs so much punch, hardcore, punk, melodies to sing along with. Most of all it's got heart!" -Luke, deadmemorypodcast

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Bulldog Spirit

W/Muscle Car, The Clinch, Violent Demise, Abrasive Action
rock n roll mayhem / street punk

Melbourne street punk and hardcore legends Bulldog Spirit are back at it for a killer show at the Bendigo Hotel. Get ready for a night of rock n roll mayhem with a little extra help from Muscle Car, The Clinch, Violent Demise and Abrasive Action. All for only $10! Doors at 8:00pm, get down early and get amongst it! Cheers to Mick Lambrou Art for the flyer design!

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Lucky 13th

W/Demonhead, Atomic Death Squad, Katana Cartel, ION DRIVE, Enter 6 (NSW), Mattersphere (ACT), Armata, 29 bones
Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal

The Bendigo Hotel presents LUCKY 13TH. 8 Bands! $15 Entry! Free Giveaways! Doors at 4.30pm Bands on the Night. Demonhead Atomic Death Squad Katana Cartel ION DRIVE Enter 6 (NSW) Mattersphere (ACT) Armata 29 bones A mixture of Thrash Metal bands, Traditional Heavy Metal Bands & Interstate Metal Bands. Which will make one Hell of a Night!

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Guttermouth - only melbourne show

W/supports tba

Guttermouth are back in their second home - one melbourne show only. Many years and albums later, we are still on the go. In a time where bands take breaks in order to have reunion tours along with all types of marketing gimmicks, Guttermouth continues to tour much of the year with no plans on stopping.

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Primitive Man

metal / heavy metal

With the release of SCORN in 2013, PRIMITIVE MAN set a new benchmark for heaviness within the metal scene. This was followed by a string of splits and EPs until the highly anticipated release of CAUSTIC in 2017. Now this uncompromising wall of soul-crushing blackened doom hits Australian shores for 4 nights only. Tickets $39.80, $1.00 booking fee.

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Nocturnal Graves

W/Belligerent Intent, Order of Torment, Scars of Sodom, Black Jesus, Voidfall
Black metal / metal

Nocturnal Graves; Nocturnal Graves rise up from the crypt with a new line-up of: J.R. - Bass/Vox (Impious Baptism, Ex-Destroyer 666) Decaylust - Lead Guitars (Denouncement Pyre), Shrapnel - Lead Guitars (Ex- Destroyer 666), L.W. - Drums (Denouncement Pyre). With stage mates Belligerent Intent, Order of Torment, Scars of Sodom, Black Jesus, Voidfall. Doors: 7:30


Zebrahead USA + Death By Stereo USA

W/supports tba
Punk / Thrash / HC

Arrest Records Australia, Finley Drumsticks and Stand Your Grounds presents a double header with Zebrahead and Death By Stereo returning to Australia together. Both bands will be performing new material with each band playing an hour long set.

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ANATOMY - WHERE Angels DIE, Album launch

W/supports tba
Death Metal

Melbourne Australia 1994. ANATOMY began to write new Material for an Album. Entering Plant Room Studio to record a Promo Under the Wings and then in July 1995 the Full Length Entitled Where Angels Die. The Album was Finally Released by Modern Invasion Music in 1997. This One Off Show is a Start to Finish of the Lp which we have Never have played in Total. With Special Guests TBA.

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Hairspray & Hellfire Festival

W/Dangerous Curves, Snake Bite Whiskey, Crosson, Morth, Diamond Foxx, Black Whiskey, Black Alpine
Hairmetal / Classic Rock / Glam / Sleaze

A new Australian music festival dedicated to the new breed of heavy rock bands influenced by glam, sleaze and hair metal. Hairmetal/Classic Rock/Glam/Sleaze are enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity internationally and Australia hasn't been left out. The last few years has seen a surge in bands influenced by the heavy rock scene of the seventies and eighties but with their own unique modern slants.

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W/supports tba
Stoner Metal Madness

Stoner Metal Pioneers BONGZILLA are finally smokin' and flyin' their magic carpet down under, May 2019. Bongzilla have produced over the last 25 years of smoking riffs and hooks, 4 Records, and a slather of Ep's to entic the Weed Worship Culture of Heavy Rock. The Doom - Laden Sludge Rock Lords, Maiden tour is set for May 2019. Australia and New Zealand, get ready to have the Monolithic sounds melting your faces. Presented By: YOUR MATE BOOKINGS, GET ON THE STAGE, AND YOUNG HENRYS, (ROCKNROLLBRAT, VALHALLA (NZ), THIRD EYE MUSIC (NZ))

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W/featuring Melbournes greatest Tattooists, DJs & Artists
Blues / Stoner / Psychedelic / Progressive / Sludge & Doom

Melbournes Premium ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT Music, Art and Tattoo Festival. WO FEST will feature some of Australia & New Zealands greatest bands and solo artists in the Blues, Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Sludge and Doom genres. Headlined by the one and only Texan Swampadelic Wizards Wo Fat & supported by NZs Pieces Of Molly along with local and interstate talent Burden Man Subterranean Disposition Turtle Skull Motherslug Honeybone Pseudo Mind Hive Full Tone Generator Thaw. Wo Fest will also feature Melbournes Jake Fraser Tattoo, a light show from Electric Light Brigade resident DJs and Artists. This show will really go down as one to remember keeping Melbourne city at the forefront as one of the greatest musical cities in the world.

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Incantation (usa) - Nervo Chaos

death metal / metal

RELAPSE ARTIST AND NEW JERSEY DEATH METAL PIONEERS FINALLY MAKE THEIR WAY BACK TO AUSTRALIA IN JUNE 2019! With guests death metal nihilists - Nervo Chaos who hail from Sao Paulo Brazil (cogumelo - tumba rec). Supports: Inverloch - Contaminated & Ignivomous. Doors 8pm 18+ entry. On check out of purchase you will recieve a big cartel code via email. Please present code and photo id for entry. No hard ticket is mailed out. Name changes are permitted

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Strike Anywhere - Aus tour 2019

W/supports tba
punk / melodic-hardcore

Presented by Arrest Records, this 2019 tour will see Strike Anywhere celebrating 20 years of melodic-hardcore breakdowns and hand-on-your-heart scream-alongs. Joining them from Newcastle and on will be Adelaide's Paper Arms, playing their first shows since they announced their final one back in 2016. Paper Arms and Strike Anywhere will be reunited after previously touring Australia together in 2010 and then Europe a few years later. Don't miss out!

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