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All The Colours - Sunday Special

W/Fashion Dad, DMTeasers, Finch Faux
Progressive Vintage Rock'n Roll

A very special Sunday good time music sesh with excellent bands and new friends at a sick venue, what could be better?? Everyone is welcome, bring your mum if she wants to come and have some fun, the more the merrier! from 2pm onwards with: All The Colours, Fashion Dad, DMTeasers, Finch Faux

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Dark Temple

W/The Belters, Mudshaker, Pin
intergalactic / rock n roll

Dark Temple hit the Bendigo Hotel for a Monday night of intergalactic sounds, and a healthy dose of rock and/or roll. Dark Temple, The Belters, Mudshaker, Pin. Doors $10, Poster art by Scott McLatchie

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The Nuremberg Code

W/tusc., Dreamworm, Boarwhole
Metal / Mashed Metal

The Nuremberg Code keep it real, the sound is real, the people are real. This is genre mashed metal with an edge". A concoction of diverse influences has allowed this band to develop a unique style that still is able to capture part of that tough Aussie metal sound that is now internationally recognized. The Nuremberg Code are their own worst critic causing the songwriting to be as much confronting as it is compelling. The Nuremberg Code: a code of Ethics to be adhered to when conducting human experimentation.

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Brando Rising

W/Band Noir, plus Bestowed
indie rock / punk

Brando Rising is the brainchild of two veterans from the Australian indie rock scene, former Sydney-based singer Ripley Hood (sometime actor and vocalist for popular mid 80's Sydney rockers Mushroom Planet and late 70's/early 80's cult band Funhouse, and most recently seen fronting the legendary Lime Spiders, now the offshoot Green Spiders, plus all-star Sydney Iggy Pop & The Stooges tribute act, The Four Stooges), along with guitar virtuoso Kelly Hewson, axe-man for some of Adelaide’s most renowned 80's cult acts such as Gun Control (prominently featured in the recent award-winning documentary Rock In A Hard Place), Hot Tomatoes and Raw Power, and currently serving in Melbourne's longest running premier punk act, Glen & The Peanut Buttermen. All this for just a lazy fiver!

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He Who Seeks Vengeance

W/Mistress of Misery, Southbound, Sukie and the Devil, Rare Olives, Maegaron
rock / hardcore / metal

He Who Seeks Vengeance, is a four piece hardcore band from Frankston Victoria. Since the bands inception HWSV has released their debut e.p the Kids Got Alligator Blood. Mistress of Misery, 5 member deathcore band from Melbourne. Who have just released their first EP Paths of Deceit which is available on all streaming platforms. SouthBound will show you a side to Pop Punk that you have never seen or heard before. Mixing harsh vocals with an intricate acoustic overtone he will surely have you hooked. Sukie and the Devil, Rare Olives, Maegaron; Melodic groove metal.

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A Celebration of Chris Cornell 2019

W/Stellar lineup of local musicians to celebrate just what he meant to us all.
Chris Cornell / Beyond Blue

Desert Highways and The Bendigo Hotel are very proud to present the 3rd annual A Celebration of Chris Cornell. A night to celebrate the music of the late Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog). His vocal range as well as style was exceptional and second to none. Listed by many as an inspiration, he will continue to be one of the greatest vocalists to have ever been. Stellar lineup of local musicians to celebrate just what he meant to us all. 100% of all money raised on the night will be proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

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Yzzy Jade

W/Rachael Lia, Junk, Sinead B-C
Collarts musicians / Singer songwriters

This is going to be Yzzy Jade first headlining gig with a band behind me. I'll be sharing originals and covers that are my favourites to date, along side some amazing musicians and mates of mine. It'll be a great night, good vibes, good people around to have a drink with and awesome music to listen to and maybe have a cheeky dance to! And for those at Collarts, great night to celebrate and bring in tri 2 for this year! $10 door entry!

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The Great Emu War Casualties

W/SILT, No Spine, Study Together
new-grunge / groove / rock

A diversity onslaught on your Wednesday night at The Bendigo - the airy vibes of We Study Together along with new-grunge No Spine, silky driven tones of SILT & all-out hard groove boys The Great Emu War Casualties. $10 cash- Doors at 7:30pm We Study Together, SILT, No Spine, The Great Emu War Casualties.

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W/Supports tba
Blues / Stoner / Psychedelic / Progressive / Sludge & Doom

WO FAT, became a global phenomenon with the self release of "The Gathering Dark" in 2006. That addictive bass heavy and fuzz loving groove inspired by Junior Kimborough, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath soon saw the greater Stoner/Psychedelic community around the world; landing them slots on Hellfest, Roadburn, Freak Valley, Psycho California, Desertfest Berlin/London and a plethora of other festivals.

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FORGE Metal Night - June Edition

metal / heavy metal

FORGE turns up the intensity this June! Get ready as FORGE brings you another round of killer heavy metal and party vibes for even the grimmest of metalheads! Live Performances by legendary Australian metal act FRANKENBOK, TRIGGER, and the Melbourne debut of Western Australia's ICARUS LIVES. DJS TBA. GIVEAWAYS & COMPETITIONS Coming soon! PRE-SALE COMPETITION All pre-sale ticketholders go in the draw to win a DOUBLE VIP PASS to the inaugural Southern Slaughter Festival this September at Max Watts, including a meet and greet with headliners BLOODBATH (Sweden).

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W/featuring Melbournes greatest Tattooists, DJs & Artists
Blues / Stoner / Psychedelic / Progressive / Sludge & Doom

Melbournes Premium ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT Music, Art and Tattoo Festival. WO FEST will feature some of Australia & New Zealands greatest bands and solo artists in the Blues, Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Sludge and Doom genres. Headlined by the one and only Texan Swampadelic Wizards Wo Fat & supported by NZs Pieces Of Molly along with local and interstate talent Burden Man Subterranean Disposition Turtle Skull Motherslug Honeybone Pseudo Mind Hive Full Tone Generator Thaw. Wo Fest will also feature Melbournes Jake Fraser Tattoo, a light show from Electric Light Brigade resident DJs and Artists. This show will really go down as one to remember keeping Melbourne city at the forefront as one of the greatest musical cities in the world.

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Brexit with Atomic Death Squad & Glitoris

W/KuntSquad, Rad Snake, ANKL, Malichor, Deadweight 80, Glitoris, Atomic Death Squad
punk rock / rock / metal / alt rock

Join us on Queens Birthday long weekend for this huge mixed bill lineup at The Bendigo Hotel. We have something for every alternative music lover so come just us for this Mini-festival if fun. KüntSquad, Rad Snake, ANKL, Malichor, Deadweight 80, Glitoris, Atomic Death Squad.

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Close Encounters 2019 - SHATTER BRAIN!

Thrash Metal / Metal

Close Encounters is returning to The Bendigo Hotel this year! June 14th 2019 marks the return of Atomic Death Squads yearly event. Close Encounters! smashing through The Bendigo Hotel this year will be a another killer lineup of gnarly local bands that will be carrying the CE banner! Headlining this year will be SHATTER BRAIN!


Metal United World Wide

W/Obsidian Monolith, DREADNAUGHT, Envenomed, Fall and Resist, The Ascended, Lethal Vendetta, incrypt, A Gentlemen's Agreement
Heavy Metal / metal / hard Rock

Metal United World Wide is a project which brings together metal bands, fans, show organisers, media and other supporters for one big event. The idea is to have metal shows all over the world on the same date identified by the same banner. Everybody can be part and shows are individually organised. The aim is to create a world wide feeling of community as well as attract attention to the performing bands, predominantly from the underground. The idea is based on the Australian project Metal United Down Under (MUDU) which has been running since 2014.

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Odd Sock Swap Meet

W/Free BBQ, Odd DJs, swap meet, puppetry
socks / swap meet / booze / party

Odd Sock Swap Meet. Find your socks' long lost sock. The Bendigo Hotel cordially invites you to the worlds first Odd Sock Swap Meet and event to highlight the stigma associated with mental illness. If there is anything that makes us all truly equal it is that we all have odd socks. On the day the Bendi will be putting on a Free BBQ, with odd DJs, Sock Puppetry. Swap your socks whilst stomping on stigma. - only accepting washed socks, - no money exchanges socks are your currency, - handy hint; don't go by colour, go by thickness.

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W/Geo, Oolluu + Prog tunes til 3am
prog rockin'

Join us at the first of three residency shows at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood as we're joined by Oolluu and Geo for a night of awesome prog rockin'. Doors from 8pm, bands from 8:45, prog tunes playing till 3am. We will be recording all three of the Bendigo Hotel shows for a live album release, so make sure you come on down and be part of it all. Geo, Oolluu, Toehider, PROG TUNES!

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W/Cirrus Crown, Cam Bird, The Last Martyr
Progressive Rock / metal

Headlining an epic line up of rock and metal at the Bendigo Hotel are Cicadastone, a 4 piece knock out punch of face melting rock sure to warm the icy Melbourne winter blues. With Cirrus Crown who are causing a hurricane around Melbourne with their incredible blend of Progressive Rock. And Metallers Cam Bird breaking their live hiatus and bringing a fresh line up, heavier face smacking sound and new album full of intensity and groove. Following a massive EP Launch The Last Martyr will open the stage with their powerful combo of Melodic Metal.

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Incantation (usa)

death metal / metal

RELAPSE ARTIST AND NEW JERSEY DEATH METAL PIONEERS FINALLY MAKE THEIR WAY BACK TO AUSTRALIA IN JUNE 2019! With guests death metal nihilists - Nervo Chaos who hail from Sao Paulo Brazil (cogumelo - tumba rec). Supports: Inverloch - Contaminated & Ignivomous. Doors 8pm 18+ entry. On check out of purchase you will recieve a big cartel code via email. Please present code and photo id for entry. No hard ticket is mailed out. Name changes are permitted

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W/Ozergun, Grey Mantis

An afternoon for Music at The Bendigo with Alt-Rockers Pin the funked out sounds of Ozergun and the ominus tunes of Grey Mantis. Doors at 1. Pin's 2017 debut self titled EP offers a stark and often harrowing look at loss, love, rebirth and addiction. With a raw, stripped back style coupled with vivid lyrics pin attempt to deliver an honest and candid interpretation of a variety of darker motifs.

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The Lancias

W/Sapphire Street, The Spaghetti Stains, Valley of the Vultures, Wilson Blackley
Alternative rock

The Lancias was founded in 2015 outside of Melbourne when Mark Fuhrmann began collaborating with school mates on a demo EP he recorded and released on Soundcloud. This was recorded mostly as a way to do something other than homework, though the EP consisted of 5 songs and provided a base for The Lancias to grow upon.

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The Badlands

W/King Coaster 'Superflow' EP launch, BLEND
rock n roll

The Badlands have returned in 2019 with their highly anticipated new single 'Ultraviolent' due for release later this year. Produced by Lacueva Studio's Nick Didia, the new music is nothing short of massive, with a punch that kicks through the solar plexus like a cannonball at short range. Their live performances are notoriously gargantuan and with 12 months of rock n roll to make up for, after a year of injury in 2018, the band are ready to take the show to the next level.

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Heavy AF 2019 - Earth Caller

W/In Deception (EP launch), Annihilist, Earthbound, Nothingmetalmelb, Notice of Eviction, Vatic, Hedron and Jupiter The Giant
metal / hardcore / metalcore / progressive rock

HEAVY AF 2019 - Heavy Music Festival brings together some of the heavy-hitters in metal, hardcore/metalcore and progressive rock. Leading the charge is festival headliner, Earth Caller, who have earned themselves a reputation for being one of the most energising live acts in the country. Having toured extensively, Earth Caller enjoy an international following and reputation. Signed to Eclipse Records, the highly successful Naberus, who are heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal, are the main support at Heavy AF 2019. Other brutal doses of metal, hardcore/metalcore and prog will come courtesy of In Deception (EP launch), Annihilist, Earthbound, Nothingmetalmelb, Notice of Eviction, Vatic, Hedron and Jupiter The Giant. 9 hours of heavy music and ten bands for $10! (pre-sales and physical tickets purchased directly from the bands are only $8 online pre-sales incur a booking fee) Free pizza 4pm-6pm.

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Strike Anywhere - Aus tour 2019

W/supports tba
punk / melodic-hardcore

Presented by Arrest Records, this 2019 tour will see Strike Anywhere celebrating 20 years of melodic-hardcore breakdowns and hand-on-your-heart scream-alongs. Joining them from Newcastle and on will be Adelaide's Paper Arms, playing their first shows since they announced their final one back in 2016. Paper Arms and Strike Anywhere will be reunited after previously touring Australia together in 2010 and then Europe a few years later. Don't miss out!

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In Malices Wake

W/Truth Corroded (SA) Bloodlands album launch, Blunt Shovel, Blackhelm, Truth Be Known (Singapore)
thrash metal

Line up: In Malices Wake, Truth Corroded (SA) Bloodlands album launch, Blunt Shovel, Blackhelm, Truth Be Known (Singapore). Enough Metal, Riffs, Blasts, kicks and groove to raise and re-sink the titanic. See you all there! In Malice’s Wake deliver thrash metal as it was intended - fast, ugly and wild.

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One Of These Days Festival 2019

rock sub-genres of the inner-north

One Of These Days Festival was birthed with the incentive of showcasing Melbourne's vast range of rock sub-genres in the inner-north, with an aim to expand peoples' minds to the energy, beauty, and skill that can be conveyed and reciprocated through heavier music. We will not tolerate any bigotry, discrimination, or harassment towards ANY attendee - in case anyone out there hasn't realised this yet, you'll actually live a more fulfilling life by not being a d***head. We'd like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of this land - sovereignty never ceded.

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$10 Album Launch & LIVE Album Recording

W/Tsar Green Much more to come
Party / Live Album recording of Jim-Bob & the Hippy Scented Rifle

$10 will be launching their 13th album 'Jim-Bob & the Hippy Scented Rifle' They will also be playing a second set which will be recorded live. Special guest - Tsar Green Much more to come. Entry $10 naturally. Concession

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Thursday Throwdown

W/SEKHT, He Who Seeks Vengeance, Mistress of Misery, Algaroth, Seddon - band, Mammon's Throne
Hellcore / METAL / rock n roll

Outcast Bookings wants you to get ready to throw-down. Get ready for a night of mosh shorts, snapbacks, cheap beer and relentless tunes provided by: SEKHT, He Who Seeks Vengeance
Mistress of Misery, Algaroth, Seddon - band, Mammon's Throne. The party starts at 6:30 pm tickets available at the door $15.

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Chasing Lana - The Fight Australian Tour

W/Special guests TBA
hard rock / rock

Chasing Lana's new debut album The Fight. OUT MAY 10th. Pre-order Album now. On tour this June / July. Chasing Lana, a four piece hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Formed by singer, guitarist Dave Cutting, with Robbie Cutting on Lead Guitar, Chris Coote on Drums and Keith Harland on Bass. Their 2016 E.P titled "Suffocate / Medicate" is available in all JB Hi-Fi stores Australia wide, and on all online platforms

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Brewtality Festival 2019

W/Psycroptic, High Tension, Frankenbok, Lo!, I Exist (ACT), Holy Serpent, Wounded Pig (SA), Evil Eye (QLD) (LAUNCH), Siberian Hell Sounds (QLD), DeadYet? (QLD), Mammoth (SA), Coffin Wolf, The Credits, Rathead, CHUD (ACT), Prehistoric Douche, Slim Jeffries, Pistol Peaches, Dark Temple, WitchCliff (WA), Garlic Nun, Ambur, 100 Years War, Shapes Like Rapids
heavy metal

With their only VIC gig for 2019, Tasmanian metal legends Psycroptic, and Melbourne's own devastatingly brutal High Tension; we're stoked to have Frankenbok back on the lineup with vocalist Dan McDougall rejoining the band earlier this year; there's some massive weight on board from interstate including Lo! (NSW), I Exist (ACT), Wounded Pig (SA), Evil Eye (QLD), Siberian Hell Sounds (QLD), Mammoth (SA), DeadYet? (QLD), CHUD (ACT) and WitchCliff (WA), as well as a massive list of Melbourne bands including the incredible heavy psych rock Holy Serpent; and with their first ever gig, 100 Years War (featuring members of Wounded Pig, Facegrinder, Desecrator, Vicious Circle, Grudge, Strict Vincent, Dead Root). More to be announced!

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Diabolic Rites Album Launch & Whoretopsy

W/Diabolic Rites, Whoretopsy, Christ Dismembered, Mothermorgue, Neckgrip
Black Metal / Slam / heavy metal

Get ready for a massive night of gritty Black Metal and Slammy tunes. The Adelaide Black Metal legends Diabolic Rites will be launching their new album; Litanies Of The Lecherous, at Karova Lounge and Bendigo Hotel over the weekend of August 9th & 10th, they will be delivering a tirade of bleak evil tunes set to blow your mind time and time over. Joining them will be Melbourne Slam Outfit Whoretopsy playing their breed of Slam and Death Metal with fresh tunes from their latest album; Take My Breath Away

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W/Cicadastone, Shotgun Mistress, Long Holiday & Errin Kelly
rock / beer / jack daniels

COME TO ROCK STOCK 2019. We'd love to see all your faces down at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood on AUG 15th where we rock out with some amazing artists! Cicadastone, Long Holiday & Errin Kelly from Bottleofsmoke. Gonna be an epic night of thumping tunes, beer and hopefully some familiar faces. Tickets available here from Moshtix

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Venus & Lilith: Worshipping Women in Dark Music

Headlining: Seraphic W/Death of Art, Flynn Effect, Neo Relic
Symphonic Metal, heavy metal

The ancient goddesses Venus & Lilith are symbolic of the light and dark that is in every woman, and the complexities and nuances that make her uniquely powerful. They are two sides of the same coin. Overdrive Touring are teaming up with Brisbane's premier Symphonic Metal band Seraphic. Promoting female involvement in dark, heavy music to raise funds for Share the Dignity, a uniquely female-oriented charity organisation. Sponsored by Rue Morgue Records.


Naxatras (Greece)

W/Comacozer more tba
Psychedelic Space Rock

Psychedelic Space Rock Revolutionaries Naxatras from Greece will make their debut in Australia; September 2019. Since 2012, this raw blend of spiritual incarnation, soulful Greek jams and hypnotic sound scapes NAXATRAS; have released 3 full length studio albums with highly critical acclaim to many reviewers around the globe and an achievement so grand of their first album being uploaded to YouTube boasting above 4.4 Million views to date. Their extended rhythms pay homage to countless sub-genres including Acid-Folk and 70s Psychedelic/Space Rock allowing such a welcoming accessibility to the sound that can only be described as NAXATRAS. Tagging along for the journey unto this new found consciousness is Sydney based Space Rock quartet Comacozer who have their own story to tell with multiple LPs releases via Headspin Records. COMACOZER perform entrancing live shows with much fulfilment to the pineal gland opening and Australian crowds have been lucky enough to attend the bands mind blowing gigs since 2014. This tour is presented by YOUR MATE Bookings & Con Kalamaras.

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Amped Festival 3

W/In:Extremis, ABREACT, Lillye, Chasing Lana, Shadowqueen, Lethal Vendetta, LUNG, Devonera, Fall and Resist, Cicadastone, CARBON BLACK
Alternative rock / Heavy metal music / Death metal

For the third incarnation of Amped Festival, we move to The Bendigo Hotel and run over 2 stages! A massive day of heavy music from right around Australia. The line up so far In:Extremis, ABREACT, Lillye, Chasing Lana, Shadowqueen, Lethal Vendetta, LUNG, Devonera, Fall and Resist, Cicadastone, CARBON BLACK. MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED.

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