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Phil Stone

W/JUNK, Universal Outcast
alt grunge / indie rock

Phil Stone will be playing at the Bendigo hotel on the 22nd of November, teaming up with alt grunge band JUNK and indie rock band Universal Outcast for a night of original live music and great vibes. Tickets will be $5 at the door and the event kicks off at 7:30pm. Come down and get amongst it! We can't wait to see you there!

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Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows - Record Launch

W/Pseudo Mind Hive, Borrachero dogs, Phlo, Electric Light Brigade
Doom / rock / psych

Hymns has been living in sin since July. There is one Melbourne show on the tour. Let's christen the baby. Joining us are local bin cats Pseudo Mind Hive, the disease ridden Borrachero dogs, and of course the street sweeping sensations Phlo. Electric Light Brigade will be hypnotising us into a psychedelic void of colour during band sets. If there is one Jack Harlon show you wanna make, it's this one.

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Havittajat (album launch)

W/Enzyme, Priors, Lai, Hedgehog
Crust / HC / Punk

Havittajat (album launch) THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!! Melbourne's best kept secret belts out 10 chaotic tracks of Finnish hc worship!! Get it at the show!! Enzyme, Priors (album out soon on La Vida), Lai, Hedgehog 10 BUCKS

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Girl Germs

W/The Burbs, Loveboner, Frontside Backsides FSBS, Black Snake Whip, Nipple Chaffes, Greyjacks, Blue Dream

THE BENDIGO HOTEL PRESENTS A GARAGE PUNK SHOWCASE. To shine light on the up-and-coming bands that generate what is quickly becoming known as the Melbourne sound, The Bendi has gathered up a bunch of killer bands to play ALL DAY on Sunday Nov 25th. Girl Germs will be headlining the night with killer supports including The Burbs, Loveboner, Frontside Backsides FSBS, Black Snake Whip, Nipple Chaffes, Greyjacks and Blue Dream. TIX $15 ON THE DOOR/DOORS @1.30 COME DOWN 4 SUM BEERZ, STAY FOR THE TUNES. GET BENT @ THE BENDI

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Hexis (Denmark)

W/BREAK THROUGH (Mosh Metal from Hobart)
Hardcore / Black metal

AkAzA Live presents Hexis (Denmark), back in Australia bringing their blood-soaked blackened hardcore to us for 20 dates around the country with special guests BREAK THROUGH (Mosh Metal from Hobart). Think of the most oppressive, putrid, and harrowing music you know. Doors 7 PM - $15.

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W/The Stiffys, Electric Self
Punk rock

THE POLICY' ALBUM TOUR 2018 IS HERE! Glitoris. Four fearless female musicians who've gained a national reputation for their unforgettable punk rock shows release their long-awaited debut album: THE POLICY. Equal parts anthemic, ferocious, political yet absurd, the Canberra four-piece have delivered a modern-day punk classic. Recorded at Sydney's Pet Food Factory studios with Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb), mixed by Clem Bennett and mastered by Mandy Parnell (Bjork, The XX), THE POLICY is released on 2nd November 2018 via Buttercup Records/ MGM Distribution through all major digital outlets, as well as on CD and 12"

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Generator Fest 2019

Stoner rock / Rock N Roll

Full Tone Generator celebrate their first ever show and debut album launch with a killer lineup of friends and rad bands. Also launching their record on the night is Muscle Car. Who is Full Tone Generator? Full Tone Generator started as an idea hatched on the beaches of Australia by Andy Fernando and bought to fruition in the Californian Desert by Andy Fernando, Brant Bjork and Brad Young.

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The Ians

W/Trepids, Miyagis, Black Snake Whip
lemon rock

With a modern grunge sound that is best experienced live, The Ians take their inspirations from the legends of the 90s. With their sharp hooks and thrashing guitars, The Ians play their music like only a band who've done the hard yards can play. Following the success of their 2017 EP Elephant Fresh, the boys have been working hard and have created what is their latest single Gold Teeth and are eager to share it. Gold Teeth signals the start of a new era for the band both musically and visually

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Hadal Maw

W/special guests tba
heavy metal

Heavy As Metal brings together some of metal's heavy hitters for a night of brutal riffs, punishing beats and face-melting screams. Hadal Maw are a five-piece metal outfit who have a reputation for creating new perspectives on heavy music. declared: they have a unique voice in the tech-death sphere Their current release, Charlatan has received positive reviews worldwide.

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Mindsnare 25th anniversary show

W/Imprisoned, Excarnate, Judas Wolf

Mindsnare 25th anniversary show! with Imprisoned, Excarnate, Judas Wolf, The Bendigo Hotel $20 on the door, 18+ Judas Wolf will be launching their 7" 'Snow Turns Red' which is to be released on Reason and Rage Records so make sure you get down early to catch their set and grab a record!

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The Belair Lip Bombs - EP Launch

W/White Vans, Fuzzrays, The Gurdies
surf / rock / psych / punk

Finally! Melbourne 4 piece The Belair Lip Bombs release their Debut EP as they gear up for exciting times ahead in 2019. Featuring 6 impressive tracks recorded by Andy Simpson at Singing Bird Studios in Frankston and mastered by Mikey Young. A lot of work has gone into this and it is time to celebrate with a huge gig to cap off a killer year. Check out their new single Time on Tix $12 +bf (link) $15 door

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Murder One; A Night for Lemmy

W/Flash Tattoos, BBQ, Hellequin Merch and $5 Jack n Cokes all day and Night
A Party for Lemmy

Melbournes traditional homage to the man, the myth, The Legend, Lemmy Kilmeister. The 28th December marks the date of Lemmys' tragic passing and The Bendi is once again hosting this shindig as a means to Celebrate Motorhead and The man! FREE ENTRY 3PM-3AM. live covers from local rockers you know and love!. Flash Tattoos, BBQ, Hellequin Merch and $5 Jack n Cokes all day and Night. Its a tradition, its loose.

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W/Vile Apparition, Lost Talk, Fornicatador, Evoker
Metal / Punk

Formed at the start of 2016, Unbound have been non-stop since their first show in August later that year having done multiple tours interstate, playing the big cities and the small ones with the number of shows out of town far outweighing the ones at home. and now over a year later Unbound return to the Bendigo Hotel for another inundation of volume and astral projection with special guest Nick Senger a.k.a. Alzheimer Blanks (Brando's Island) on synth and electronics.

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W/Grindhouse, Batz, more to be announced

A party band at heart, donning cowboy hats and kicking out a gleefully trashy brand of throttling, rockabilly-flavored garage punk. Supersuckers lyrics are raucous, over-the-top celebration of all the attendant evils of rock & roll - sex, booze, drugs, Satan, and whatever other vices the band could think of, all glorified with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Save for an abrupt and temporary detour into hardcore honky tonk, their approach stayed relatively consistent through the 90s, as did their quality control. With special guests Grindhouse & more to be announced!

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Sasquatch- Melbourne (VIC)

W/Supports TBA

SASQUATCH SIGHTINGS ARE HAPPENING ON AUSTRALIA SOIL MARCH 2019 SoCal's Sasquatch are debuting their fuzzrock upon the East Coast of Australia in March 2019. After releasing 5 albums since 2004, touring extensively in the USA Stoned and Dusted, Psycho Las Vegas and SXSW, also touring around Europe including premium Rock Music festivals; Desertfest and Stoned From The Underground, Sasquatch are finally writng an Australian chapter to their Rock n Roll adventure.

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Guttermouth - only melbourne show

W/supports tba

Guttermouth are back in their second home - one melbourne show only. Many years and albums later, we are still on the go. In a time where bands take breaks in order to have reunion tours along with all types of marketing gimmicks, Guttermouth continues to tour much of the year with no plans on stopping.

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Primitive Man

W/Guest tba
metal / heavy metal

With the release of SCORN in 2013, PRIMITIVE MAN set a new benchmark for heaviness within the metal scene. This was followed by a string of splits and EPs until the highly anticipated release of CAUSTIC in 2017. Now this uncompromising wall of soul-crushing blackened doom hits Australian shores for 4 nights only. Limited early bird hard copy tickets are now available from the Impure Sounds Big Cartel store for the special price of $30!

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