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W/Zandata, Sliknita
Stoner / Rock

MUDPUNCH HATH RETURNED. Fresh from an expedition to the depths of Hell, MUDPUNCH have re-emerged in the dominion of mortal beings to wreak havoc on all those who do not believe in the MUD. It shall be a bitter sweet return, as we say goodbye to founding MUDLORD Lachy who rides on to new endeavours. So come to Bendigo Hotel, share with us a flagon of ale and praise all that is brown! Joined by Zandata and Sliknita, this shall be a night sung about in the halls of Valhalla for all eternity! $10 at the door. Doors at 8pm

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Sumeru - Summon Destroyer Album Launch

W/Lo!, Descent, Munt
Heavy Metal / Doom / Stoner

Young Henrys Presents. Sumeru's Summon Destroyer - Album Launch Tour w/Lo! Descent & more. The beer lords at Young Henrys present an absolute sludge master fest as Oz riff giants Sumeru launch their new album Summon Destroyer; alongside fellow Sydney sledgehammer's Lo! & Brisbane grind merchants Descent.

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W/Malichor, Butterfly, 180 Proof
Metal / black thrash

Malichor (Mal-i-kor), whose name translates to - tainted blood of gods was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. Drawing inspiration from legendary black/thrash outfits such as Venom, Celtic Frost, Kreator (early), Slayer (early), Desaster & Destroyer 666, the band set about creating its own unique brand of blackened thrash metal.

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Student night with Leftfield Luxury

W/Marlon Bando, Paper Tapir
Indie Rock

Bendigo Hotel presents Leftfield Luxury with Marlon Bando and Paper Tapir playing Bendigo's very own Student Night. Cheap drinks ($11 jugs, $7 basics/wines, $6 pints, $5 shots) ALL NIGHT LONG FREE ENTRY. DOORS 8PM

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Killer Pool Comp

COMP TIMES. Round 1 - 6pm. Round 2 - 8:30pm

KILLER POOL. STARTING TOMORROW - $5 TECATE CANS! From this week and every second Wednesday is the Bendigo Hotel's KILLER POOL Competition. There are 2 rounds, but come in early to smash some tinnies and have a practice game - there's free pool ALL DAY! COMP TIMES. Round 1 - 6pm. Round 2 - 8:30pm. WINNERS GET A CASH PRIZE!

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South East Desert Metal - Headline Melb show

W/Annihilist, Vexation

The most isolated metal band in the world, Southeast Desert Metal, will be performing at The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne. With Annihilist and Vexation. Their new album BREAK THE SILENCE has been nominated for AUSTRALIAN MUSIC PRIZE album of the year!

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Very Handsome Men (VHM)

VHM double set
folk, blues and rock

Free Entry. Acoustic and a heap of fun. Very Handsome Men display raw, emotive, rough-edged, regular joe heart and soul whilst blending the stylistic boundaries of country, folk, blues and rock. Somehow they transcend genres bringing people together that would never be at the same shows any other time. But at a VHM show you're likely to see country fans, metal and punk fans, older folk, young folk, bikers dancing with grandmothers, all getting along and having a heap of fun.

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Fall And Resist - Album Launch

W/Blunt Shovel, Naberus, Fall and Resist, AMODERNDEATH, Nemesium

Fall and Resist released an album this year, Fading Cinders and to celebrate, they're throwing a party in Melbourne with a bunch of awesome bands! 11:05 – 11:35 – Blunt Shovel, 10:20 – 10:50 – Naberus, 9:15 – 10:05 – Fall and Resist, 8:30 – 9:00 – AMODERNDEATH, 7:45 – 8:15 – Nemesium

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Chainsaw (SWE)

W/In Malice's Wake, Mason, Maniaxe

Chainsaw is a four piece, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The band was founded in 2003 with the ambition to play pure thrash metal in the vein of legendary bands such as Slayer, Exodus and Forbidden. Chainsaw delivers a full on thrash metal assault, focused on technical prowess, without compromising the primitive brutality that is the essence of thrash metal. The band has built up a solid reputation as a powerful live act performing at break neck speeds with energy second to none.

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Rob Patton

W/Gordon Holland, David Cosma
Alt pop / blues / country

Peachy Entertainment is bringing you the perfect soundtrack for your summer Sunday session at the Bendigo Hotel front bar. Alt pop, singer songwriter David Cosma opens the afternoon, followed by alt- country Gordon Holland and topping off the bill is blues, country musician Rob Patton. FREE entry 3pm start Good vibes and great drinks

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Echo Del Tusker EP Launch Party Words To Live By

W/Honeybone, The Dead Amigos, The Naysayers
soul rock / blues / metal

SAVE THE DATE. To kick off the new year, we are very proud to announce Echo Del Tusker's first ever EP launch for 'Words To Live By' Physical copies of our debut 5-track EP, recorded under the impressive goatee of Mathew Robins at ColourSound Recording Studio, will be available from the merch stand ahead of its official digital release, so come join us at the Bendi, Saturday February 9, as we perform our first ever headline gig alongside some of Melbourne's finest musicians and musical groups: Honeybone, The Dead Amigos, The Naysayers, Stay tuned for further details!

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Storytellers - Melbourne Launch

W/The Weeping Willows, Great Aunt
country / Aussie alt country

Everything is better with a friend... the best of Australia's songwriting duos The Weeping Willows and Great Aunt together with Storytellers own Nia Robertson all fresh from the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Storytellers - where its all about the song. To celebrate our new home, we have invited the darlings of Australian alt country music The Weeping Willows and their good friends Great Aunt to lift the lid off the Bendi. $15 on the door.

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Supersuckers - SELLING FAST!


A party band at heart, donning cowboy hats and kicking out a gleefully trashy brand of throttling, rockabilly-flavored garage punk. Supersuckers lyrics are raucous, over-the-top celebration of all the attendant evils of rock & roll - sex, booze, drugs, Satan, and whatever other vices the band could think of, all glorified with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Save for an abrupt and temporary detour into hardcore honky tonk, their approach stayed relatively consistent through the 90s, as did their quality control. With special guests GRINDHOUSE, COSMIC KAHUNA, BATZ

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Dead Memory Fest 3

W/As A Rival, And Burn, The Patient, Break the Gallows, Diploma, All Hope Remains, Diefm, Anxiety Grips, Acoustic acts, Tim Grey, Matthew McCarthy, Simon Wilson, Campfire Radio
Punk rock / rock / heavy metal

Dead Memory Fest 3 As A Rival, And Burn, The Patient, Break the Gallows, Diploma, All Hope Remains, Diefm, Anxiety Grips, Acoustic acts, Tim Grey, Matthew McCarthy, Simon Wilson, Campfire Radio. $10 Entry. 2 stages. Agent 37 & David Grimson no longer playing

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White Devil Detroit presents: Chaos Musick

W/Kvlts Of Vice (SYD), Vicious Addiction, The Chevaliers
Musicalchemical / Visualchemical - Renaissance Rock N' Roll

The more Chaotic I am, the more complete I am - Austin Osman Spare. White Devil Detroit are bringing their Musicalchemical/Visualchemical, Renaissance Rock N' Roll back to The Bendigo Hotel February 23rd with super dooper special guests Kvlts Of Vice from Sydney and local Melbourne home dawgz Vicious Addiction and The Chevaliers. Expect the unexpected and get a ready for a debaucherous, jolly & chaotic evening. This is Chaos Musick baby!

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W/Jack Harlon, The Dead Crows, Pseudo Mind Hive, Dark Temple Way
doomy psych jams

COMACOZER are coming down to the Bendigo Hotel for some doomy psych jams with Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows Pseudo Mind Hive and Dark Temple Way to start the weekend with psych jams and beers. See you there.

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Obsidian Monolith Manifest

W/Rituals, As Flesh Decays + guests
Death / Post Rock / Blackened Neofolk

Melbourne melodic death metal band, Obsidian Monolith will be performing their entire debut album, Manifest, the sounds of which are atmospheric with tones of nihilism and a strong sense of the descent of mankind into chaos. Obsidian Monolith are sharing the stage with Rituals, As Flesh Decays, Myriad Drone and Suldusk. The line up consists of Melodic Death, Death, Post Rock and Blackened Neofolk, prepare yourself for a night of soul crushing music.

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Nocturnal Graves

W/Convent Guilt, Road Warrior, Butterfly

Nocturnal Graves (Official) Death Metal Titans return Convent Guilt (aus) (NSW) ‘Diamond Cut Diamond’ ALBUM LAUNCH Road Warrior (SA) 'Power' ALBUM LAUNCH. First gig in Melbourne. Butterfly 70’s – 80’s hard rock /heavy metal attack BENDIGO HOTEL, SATURDAY 16 MARCH, DOORS 8PM

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Sasquatch- Melbourne (VIC)


SASQUATCH SIGHTINGS ARE HAPPENING ON AUSTRALIA SOIL MARCH 2019 SoCal's Sasquatch are debuting their fuzzrock upon the East Coast of Australia in March 2019. After releasing 5 albums since 2004, touring extensively in the USA Stoned and Dusted, Psycho Las Vegas and SXSW, also touring around Europe including premium Rock Music festivals; Desertfest and Stoned From The Underground, Sasquatch are finally writng an Australian chapter to their Rock n Roll adventure.

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Guttermouth - only melbourne show

W/supports tba

Guttermouth are back in their second home - one melbourne show only. Many years and albums later, we are still on the go. In a time where bands take breaks in order to have reunion tours along with all types of marketing gimmicks, Guttermouth continues to tour much of the year with no plans on stopping.

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Primitive Man

metal / heavy metal

With the release of SCORN in 2013, PRIMITIVE MAN set a new benchmark for heaviness within the metal scene. This was followed by a string of splits and EPs until the highly anticipated release of CAUSTIC in 2017. Now this uncompromising wall of soul-crushing blackened doom hits Australian shores for 4 nights only. Tickets $39.80, $1.00 booking fee.

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Zebrahead USA + Death By Stereo USA

W/supports tba
Punk / Thrash / HC

Arrest Records Australia, Finley Drumsticks and Stand Your Grounds presents a double header with Zebrahead and Death By Stereo returning to Australia together. Both bands will be performing new material with each band playing an hour long set.

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ANATOMY - WHERE Angels DIE, Album launch

W/supports tba
Death Metal

Melbourne Australia 1994. ANATOMY began to write new Material for an Album. Entering Plant Room Studio to record a Promo Under the Wings and then in July 1995 the Full Length Entitled Where Angels Die. The Album was Finally Released by Modern Invasion Music in 1997. This One Off Show is a Start to Finish of the Lp which we have Never have played in Total. With Special Guests TBA.

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W/supports tba
Stoner Metal Madness

Stoner Metal Pioneers BONGZILLA are finally smokin' and flyin' their magic carpet down under, May 2019. Bongzilla have produced over the last 25 years of smoking riffs and hooks, 4 Records, and a slather of Ep's to entic the Weed Worship Culture of Heavy Rock. The Doom - Laden Sludge Rock Lords, Maiden tour is set for May 2019. Australia and New Zealand, get ready to have the Monolithic sounds melting your faces. Presented By: YOUR MATE BOOKINGS, GET ON THE STAGE, AND YOUNG HENRYS, (ROCKNROLLBRAT, VALHALLA (NZ), THIRD EYE MUSIC (NZ))

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WO FEST 2019

W/featuring Melbournes greatest Tattooists, DJs & Artists
Blues / Stoner / Psychedelic / Progressive / Sludge & Doom

YOUR MATE Bookings Young Henrys Ripple Music Rocknrollbrat Presents WO FEST Melbournes Premium ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT Music, Art & Tattoo Festival. WO FEST will feature some of Australia & New Zealands greatest bands & solo artists in the Blues, Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Sludge and Doom genres of Australia; Headlined by one act from Texas, USA. Line up TBA on Ticket sale day 29/1/2019 through Eventbrite. The event will also feature some of Melbournes greatest Tattooists, DJs and Artists. The Show will go down as one to remember keeping Melbourne city at the forefront as one of the greatest musical cities. Strictly limited tickets. Art by Dan Fabris from God-Awful

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